Location: Point Loma, San Diego, CA

Objective: Extensive remodeling of a 1920’s style home with new floor plan.

Results: Respecting the spirit of the 1920’s design, the exterior was carefully renovated maintaining original details. Inside, we reconfigured the front and back rooms for more modern floor plan to fit the homeowner’s lifestyle featuring a bar-height table in the front room to welcome guests or grandchildren. We opened the fireplace to the dining area as well as the master bedroom and created a new and expanded kitchen. New windows were installed throughout the home, and we added a deck off of the dining room which also features a casual seating area and a large window framing a great view of downtown San Diego.

R. Lyle Boatman, the designer for the project, creating an ingenious way to bring natural light into what would otherwise have been a windowless kitchen. Following his designs, we installed fixed windows behind the glass-front cupboards and as the backsplash behind the counters.