Location: Point Loma, San Diego, CA

Objective:  Keeping some original, period 1920’s elements, remodel to create a modern, eco-friendly bathroom with a ‘zen’ feel as requested by the owners.

Results: This was our second time in this 1920’s Point Loma home, this time to remodel a bathroom. There were funky, original elements such as the tile work in this bathroom that were worth keeping. We repurposed and reused materials wherever possible to reduce the resources necessary to complete the project. The resulting ‘greening of the green bathroom’ was a balance of incorporating modern materials in a way that is respectful of the original design. We matched tiles to replace damaged ones, installed new plumbing valves and faucets, updated electrical with dimmable CFS bulbs, and replaced rough sawn wood paneling with white venetian plaster. We employed glass extensively into the design including custom back-painted glass countertop and glass vessel sink. We used ‘Plyboo’ bamboo plywood for the cabinetry and a mattelux glass frameless tub enclosure for a decidedly peaceful and pleasing visual effect and flow.